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Founded in 1976 in Demark, Trollbeads offers enchanting and imaginative bead designs in sterling silver, 18K gold, Murano glass, natural pearls, precious stones and crystals. Each bead tells a story about nature, love, mythology and more, and each is unique in its own way.

The beauty of Trollbeads is that they can be combined, changed and rearranged on bracelets and necklaces to reflect the mood or whim of the wearer, making every piece individual and symbolic.

More recently, Trollbeads has expanded its line to include rings and earrings that match some of the more popular bead designs. Bead enthusiast or not, there’s something for everyone, especially with prices starting at just $28.

At Trollbeads, every story has a bead™. Visit our Kirkwood Highway location today for the largest selection of Trollbeads in Delaware!